Lockheed Constellation Survivors

L1049 Super Constellation

N6937C at Oshkosh,WI July 2002

A total of 579 Super Constellations were built between 1951 and 1958 with 259 going to commercial operators and 320 to the US military. The US Navy was the largest operator of Super Constellations with a total of 204 transport and early warning radar aircraft. As early as 1949, Lockheed considered stretching the Constellation eighteen feet by inserting constant diameter fuselage plugs forward and aft of the wing. In order to expedite development, the first Constellation, c/n 1961, was purchased from Howard Hughes in May 1950 for $100,000 and modified as the Super Constellation prototype. Still powered by the Pratt and Whitney R2800 engines installed in 1945, the prototype made its first flight on October 13, 1950. After twenty-two hours of flight testing, R3350 engines were installed and the vertical stabilizers were enlarged by eighteen inches to increase directional stability.

The Super Constellation incorporated over 550 design changes and the first production aircraft flew on July 14, 1951. The type certificate was awarded on November 29, 1951 and the third production aircraft, N6203C, entered service with Eastern Airlines on December 17, 1951. Prior to 1953 all turbo-compound R3350 were earmarked for military use and the L1049 had to settle for 2,700 hp CA1 engines, which made it underpowered.

The Navy’s R7V-1 transport, first flown in November 1952, was the first Super Constellation to utilize the turbo-compound R3350 engine. Turbo-compound engines became available for commercial use in early 1953 and 3,250 hp DA1 engines were first installed on L1049C Super Constellation PH-TFP, which was delivered to KLM on June 10, 1953. Later developments included twin 600-gallon wing tip tanks on civilian L1049G/H's and military early warning radar Super Constellations resulting in an extended range for these aircraft. The 3,400 hp EA3 and EA6 versions of the R3350 engine were installed on the L1049H cargo versions of the Super Constellation.

The USAF flew the Super Constellation into the late 1970’s with the US Navy retiring its last aircraft, BuN 141292, in June 1982. For all intents and purposes, commercial operation of the Super Constellation ceased in 1993 when the FAA forbid Dominican operators from operating their aircraft in the United States.


N105CF c/n 4137--->Stored Avra Valley Airport, AZ

N4247K c/n 4144--->To Qantas Founders Museum September 2014 for restoration

53-7885 c/n 4151--->On display National Museum of the USAF, Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton OH as "Columbine III"

54-155 c/n 4174--->On display USAF History and Traditions Museum, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX

HB-RSC c/n 4175--->Airworthy with the Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA), Basel, Switzerland

VH-EAG c/n 4176--->Airworthy with Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS), Sydney, Australia

54-160 c/n 4179--->Nose section stored in owner Antti Hyvärinen's backyard in Nukari, Finland

N1104W c/n 4196--->On display Udvar-Hazy Center, Dulles International Airport

54-180 c/n 4199--->On display Transport Aircraft Museum, Charleston AFB, Charleston, SC

HI-548CT c/n 4202--->Cockpit salvaged by the Super Constellation Flyers Association and being restored in Switzerland

N4257L c/n 4335--->Acquired by the Evergreen Air and Space Museum in May 2009 and currently stored in good condition at Helena, MT

N4257U c/n 4336--->On display Combat Air Museum, Topeka, KS

52-3425 c/n 4343--->On display Peterson Air and Space Museum, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO

BuN 137890 c/n 4347--->On display at "Connie Park" near the 552 ACW Wing Complex, Tinker AFB, OK

N51006 c/n 4350--->•Scrapped at Pima Air and Space Museum August 2011. Forward fuselage section will be transported to Australia for restoration

N548GF c/n 4363--->On display at the Yanks Air Museum, Chino, CA

53-554 c/n 4369--->On display Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, AZ

53-555 c/n 4370--->On display National Museum of the USAF, Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton OH

BuN 141292 c/n 4416--->Forward fuselage section stored at private residence in Stanley, NC

BuN 141297 c/n 4421--->On display Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB, GA

BuN 141309 c/n 4433--->On display Aerospace Museum of California, Sacramento, CA

BuN 141311 c/n 4435--->On display Chanute Air Museum, Rantoul, IL

BuN 143221 c/n 4495--->On display National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL

F-BRAD c/n 4519--->On display Nantes, France

CF-TGE c/n 4544--->On display at the Museum of Flight "Air Park" at Boeing Field

N1005C c/n 4557--->On display AMC Museum, Dover AFB, DE

D-ALIN c/n 4604--->On display Hermeskeil Museum Mosel, Germany

IN315 c/n 4614--->On display Indian Naval Aviation Museum, Hansa Naval Station, Goa, India

F-BHBG c/n 4626--->Derelict Quimper, France

5T-TAK c/n 4640--->Nose section and nose gear on display TAP Museum, Lisbon, Portugal

F-BHML c/n 4671--->On display FJ Strauss International Airport, Munich as D-ALEM

BG583 c/n 4686--->Stored Agra Air Base, India reportedly earmarked for restoration by the Indian Air Force Museum

N6931C c/n 4813--->Cockpit section in private collection in France

HI-542CT c/n 4825--->Stored Aguadilla-Borinquen Airport, Puerto Rico in deteriorating condition

N6937C c/n 4830--->On display at the National Airline History Museum in Kansas City, MO

CF-NAL c/n 4831--->Stored Sao Tome International Airport, Sao Tome

CF-NAM c/n 4832--->Stored Sao Tome International Airport, Sao Tome

N468C c/n 4846--->Fuselage section stored Blue Creek, Belize


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