Lockheed Constellation Survivors

BuN 141292 c/n 4416

In service with the US Navy at NAS Patuxent River, MD as an EC-121P on June 11, 1970 (Stephen Miller) With most Connies making a one way trip to Davis Monthan AFB in 1975, 141292 is having its #2 engine changed at the base (Mick Roth) Donated to the Florence Air and Missile Museum after operating the final US military Connie mission on June 11, 1982 (RM Pettersen)
Abandoned and damaged by a brush fire, the aircraft was scrapped in place with parts going to a number of worthy projects (Jim Leech) The 53-foot forward fuselage was saved and is in storage in Stanley, North Carolina awaiting better days (Brian Hicks) The cockpit had been pretty much stripped of useful components before Brian Hicks acquired the foreward fuselage (Brian Hicks)
  • Current markings - BuN 141292
  • Delivered to USN February 1956 as WV-2 BuN 141292
  • Redesignated EC-121K December 1962
  • Converted to EC-121P
  • Converted to NC-121K for VAQ-33 June to November 1972
  • Modified with canoe radomes on upper and lower fuselage in front of large radomes
  • Flew last US military Constellation mission with VAQ-33 June 11, 1982
  • Stripped of all sensitive and usable equipment at NAS Key West
  • Ferried NAS Key West, FL to Florence Air and Missile Museum, Florence, SC June 25, 1982
  • Stored adjacent to museum grounds and damaged by a "controlled" grass fire
  • Museum closed September 1997 to allow Florence Airport to enlarge a parking lot
  • Landing gear, rear cargo door and engines removed September 1997 for use on the Air Mobility Command Museum's restoration of N1005C at Dover AFB, DE
  • Other parts went to the Global Aeronautical Foundation for EC-121T N548GF and the Constellation Historical Society's C-121C N73544
  • Scrapped at Florence Airport 1999
  • Forward section of fuselage to Brian Hicks and trucked to Stanley, North Carolina where it sits on a trailer
  • Aircraft confirmed extant in February 2017
  • Acquired by Dynamic Aviation and transported by road in August 2018 to Dynamic's headquarters in Bridgewater, VA

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