Lockheed Constellation Survivors

F-BHML c/n 4671

L1049G F-BHML 1957 L1049G D-ALAP 1989 L1049G D-ALEM March 2002
In service with Air France at London's Heathrow Airport in the mid-1960's
(via J. Roger Bentley)
Disassembled at Frankfurt and ready for the trip by road to Munich in August 1993
(Marc Lehmann)
Beautifully restored in Lufthansa colors at Munich Airport in March 2002
(Antti Hyvärinen)
  • Current markings - D-ALEM
  • Delivered to Air France February 1957 as L1049G F-BHML
  • Named "Maurice Nogues" by November 1960
  • Leased to Tunis Air summer 1961
  • Returned to Air France and stored at Paris-Orly September 1961
  • Returned to service ?? and again stored at Paris Orly October 16, 1963
  • Returned to service July 12, 1965
  • To Compagnie Air Fret March 8, 1968
  • Retired by Air Fret and stored at Nimes-Garons by August 1976
  • To Air Classics ~November 1977
  • Ferried Nime-Garons to Düsseldorf, Germany June 27, 1978
  • Proposed sale to Panamanian company in October 1978 did not materialize
  • Painted in Air Classics color scheme with false registration D-ADAM by January 1979
  • Moved from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport June 1985 and marked with false registration D-ALAP
  • Moved from Frankfurt to FJ Strauss International Airport, Munich about August 1993
  • To Munich Airport Authority March 2000
  • Extensive restoration at Munich and aircraft reopened May 2001
  • Painted in 1955 Lufthansa color scheme with false registration D-ALEM to commemorate Lufthansa’s first trans-Atlantic flight on June 8, 1955
  • Cabin serves as a cinema showing historical films of Lufthansa Super Constellation flights

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