Lockheed Constellation Survivors

54-155 c/n 4174

L1049F 54-155 October 1994 L1049F 54-155 May 21, 1977 L1049F 54-155 September 2005
On final approach to Ramstein Air Base, Germany on September 17, 1975 (Eric Tammer) On display in 1977 at the Armed Forces Open House at Andrews AFB, MD (Stephen Miller) Looking very good in new paint at Lackland AFB, TX in September 2005 (George Trussell)
  • Final registration - 54-155
  • Delivered to USAF MATS Atlantic Division October 1955 as C-121C 54-155
  • To Pennsylvania ANG December 1962
  • Converted by Lockheed Air Service, NY to EC-121S 1967
  • Retired by USAF 1979 and ferried to Kelly AFB, TX April 1979
  • To Lackland AFB, TX mid-1979 and on display at the Parade Ground Airpark by August 1979
  • Painted in period MATS color scheme by 1981
  • Preserved at the Airman Heritage Museum (formerly the USAF History and Traditions Museum) at Lackland AFB

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