Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N1104W c/n 4196

L1049F N1104W October 1981 L1049F N1104W September 2002 L1049F N1104W September 2002
At Van Nuys Airport in October 1981 where Classic Air planned to use it for sightseeing flights to the Grand Canyon (Chris Mak) Stored at Dulles Intl Airport in September 2002 awaiting restoration for eventual display at the NASM's new Udvar-Hazy Center (RM Pettersen) Restoration was completed after the aircraft was brought inside the Udvar-Hazy Center in November 2007 (RM Pettersen)
  • Final registration - N1104W
  • Delivered to USAF MATS Atlantic Division March 1956 as C-121C 54-177
  • To Mississippi ANG October 1962
  • To West Virginia ANG April 1967
  • To Pennsylvania ANG April 1972
  • Retired and flown to Davis Monthan AFB for storage November 1977
  • To Classic Air and registered N1104W.
  • Ferried DMAFB to Van Nuys Airport, CA August 1981
  • Converted to 105 seat pax aircraft and named “Connie Is A Lady”
  • Classic Air planned flights carrying Japanese tourists between Van Nuys and the Grand Canyon but failed to get FAA approval
  • To Darryl Greenamyer??
  • Offered for sale at auction January 12, 1987 but failed to reach reserve price of $116,000
  • Repossessed by Darryl Greenameyr December 1987
  • Greenameyer traded aircraft to Smithsonian NASM for two HU-16 Albatross aircraft in 1988
  • Flown to Dulles International Airport, VA via Kansas City, MO on February 21-22, 1988
  • Officially to NASM November 28, 1989
  • Stored at Dulles Airport awaiting restoration for display at the NASM's Udvar-Hazy Center
  • Removed from storage in April 2007 for restoration and display in USAF/WVANG colors in the Udvar-Hazy Center
  • By the end of June 2007 all paint had been stripped by United Airlines/NASM personnel and aircraft was towed to the old Independence Air hangar on August 8, 2007 for painting
  • Painting completed by UAL/NASM personnel and aircraft towed to Udvar Hazy Center for display on November 28, 2007. Props, rudders, elevators and titles installed after aircraft moved into Udvar Hazy Center
  • Exterior restoration completed and formal dedication ceremony held on June 26, 2008

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