Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N468C c/n 4846

L1049H N468C early 1960's L1049H N468C May 1976 L1049H N468C early 1960's
Aircraft was operated by Slick Airways in the early-1960's and later, for a short period, with Airlift International (via J. Roger Bentley) Damaged during an emergency landing in May 1976, N468C was disassembled and the fuselage used as a storage shed (via Stephen Piercey) Amazingly, the aircraft still survives as evidenced by this July 2011 photo (Eric Prado)
  • Final registration - N468C
  • After completed as L1049H N5405V, stored at Lockheed Aircraft, Burbank, CA
  • To California Eastern Aviation July 1958 as N6635C
  • Leased to Transcontinental SA as LV-PKX July 21, 1958
  • Registered LV-FTU after delivery to Transcontinental
  • Returned to California Eastern December 15, 1959
  • Leased to Slick Airways March 8, 1960 as N468C
  • Leased to Airlift International August 9, 1966
  • Returned to California Eastern (now Dynaelectron Corporation) December 1967 and stored
  • For sale by September 1969
  • To F&B Livestock Corporation February 3, 1971
  • Damaged during an emergency landing accident at Belize May 19, 1976
  • #1 propeller ran away, separated from engine damaging the #2 engine and left main landing gear, which failed to lower
  • Dismantled at Belize shortly thereafter and fuselage trucked to Blue Creek, Belize for use as a storage facility
  • Aircraft still at Blue Creek in July 2011

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