Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N1005C c/n 4557

L1049E N1005C September 2, 1958 L1049E N1005C September 5, 2003 L1049E N1005C July 2007
Seen at London's Heathrow Airport on September 2, 1958 while on lease to Irish Airlines (Ian MacFarlane) At the AMC Museum at Dover AFB, DE after being reassembled in July 2003 (RM Pettersen) The transformation to a C-121C was complete with installation of a long radar nose (RM Pettersen)
  • Final registration - N1005C
  • Originally ordered by Braathens SAFE but ordered cancelled
  • Delivered to Cubana Airlines November 1954 as L1049E CU-P573
  • To International Aviation who sold it to Seaboard & Western Airlines March 1956 as N1005C "Geneva Airtrader"
  • Leased to BOAC April 1 to April 30, 1956
  • Leased to Eastern Airlines January to June 1957
  • Leased to Aerlinte Eireann (Irish Airlines) May 1958 to December 22, 1960 as "St Brigid/Brighid"
  • To Canadair as trade-in for CL-44's in 1962 and immediately leased back
  • Sub-leased to Intercontinental US Inc by June 1962 and reportedly damaged in the Congo December 30, 1962
  • Painted in Trans State Airlines color scheme at Idlewild Airport, NY October 1963 for intrastate scheduled service
  • Permission for service denied and aircraft stored at Idlewild until returned to Seaboard January 1964
  • Leased to Capitol Airways June 1, 1965 and sold to them March 1, 1966
  • Retired by Capitol and stored at Wilmington, DE by mid-1967
  • To Jim Flannery August 20, 1967 for use as a cocktail lounge at his restaurant in Penndel, PA
  • Disassembled and transported by road to Penndel
  • Positioned atop "Jim Flannery's Restaurant" by August 1968 in Capitol color scheme
  • "Spirit of 76" insignia added in 1976
  • Became "Amelia's Restaurant" in November 1981 and closed in 1986
  • Became "The Airplane Family Restaurant and Diner" in 1992
  • Amoco Oil bought the site in 1996 and removed the aircraft from atop the restaurant on July 9, 1997 for storage
  • Amoco donated aircraft to the Air Mobility Command (AMC) Museum at Dover AFB and it was moved by road to Dover AFB on October 25, 1997
  • Aircraft stored disassembled at the museum until July 2003 when it was reassembled
  • Restoration for display at the museum as a C-121C representation began August 2003
  • Cleaning and painting in C-121C colors began April 2007 after which aircraft to be put on display
  • Painting completed early July 2007 with false USAF serial "40315".
  • Interior restoration completed by 2008 and aircraft on display
  • Long radar nose fabricated by museum volunteers and USAF Reserve personnel and installed summer 2012

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