Lockheed Constellation Survivors

HB-RSC c/n 4175

At Mesa Falcon Field where she was stored from 1976 to late 1978 (Steve Williams) In quasi military titles while owned by Benny Younesi in 2001 (Michael S Prophet) Sitting pretty in the California sun a few days before departing for Switzerland (RM Pettersen)
In her new Swiss regestration HB-RSC at Samaden, Switzerland in July 2007 (Propfreak) Official rollout at Lahr, Germany in April 2011 after a 1+ year repair and restoration effort
(Rainer Spoddig)
In flight over southern Germany in July 2011 (Dietmar Schreiber www.aviation-media.com)
  • Current registration HB-RSC
  • Delivered to USAF MATS Atlantic Division November 1955 as C-121C 54-156
  • To Mississippi ANG October 1962
  • To West Virginia ANG March 1967
  • Retired and stored at Davis Monthan AFB by April 1972
  • To Smithsonian NASM June 1972
  • To Aviation Specialties Inc August 17, 1972 in exchange for Boeing S307 Stratoliner N19903 and ferried to Mesa Falcon Field
  • Sold to Aircraft Specialties March 1973 and registered N73544
  • Modified as agricultural sprayer April 1973
  • Restricted C of A issued April 27, 1973 and in service May 1973 as sprayer
  • Stored at Mesa, AZ 1976 to November 1978
  • Airworthy at Goodyear, AZ 1979 and flown to Chandler Memorial Airport, AZ early 1980
  • To Globe Air Inc February 1981
  • To Benny Younesi and Mehrdad Khoramian January 1982
  • Leased to Classic Air, Van Nuys December 1982 for a sightseeing flight venture which never materialized
  • Ferried to Chino, CA March 11, 1983
  • Ferried to Camarillo, CA January 15, 1984, arriving with the #4 engine shut down and propeller feathered
  • Younesi and Khoramian planned to restore aircraft and have it join N4247K hauling tuna fish between Palau Island and Nogoya, Japan
  • Work progressed slowly until January 1988 when N4247K was impounded in Manila, Philippines
  • Registered solely to Mehrdad Khoramian in March 1988 and solely to Benny Younesi in February 1992
  • Constellation Historical Society (CHS) formed in 1992 to restore the aircraft
  • Restored at Camarillo 1992 to 1994
  • First post-restoration flight made June 23, 1994 with first airshow appearance at NAS Point Magu September 24, 1994
  • Flew on airshow circuit in western US
  • FAA grounded aircraft mid-2001 for maintenance irregularities
  • Advertised for sale on e-Bay January 2002 with a reserve price of $750,000
  • Reported offer of $600,000 rejected by owner, Benny Younesi
  • CHS and Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA) signed a lease-purchase agreement on December 17, 2003
  • Departed Camarillo April 26, 2004 for Basel-Mulhouse Airport, Switzerland where it arrived safely May 8, 2004
  • Joint operation of aircraft by CHS/SCFA for five years after which SCFA could purchase the aircraft
  • Purchased by the SCFA April 2007 and re-registered HB-RSC
  • Based at Basel, Switzerland and flown on the European airshow circuit until grounded by wing corrosion issues in January 2010
  • Repair costs were upwards of $600K and were completed in April 2011, when the aircraft was repainted before rejoining the airshow circuit.
  • Failure of the #2 engine forced cancelation of the 2012 airshow season
  • Mechanical issues forced cancelation of 2017 and 2018 airshow seasons
  • Breitling canceled most aviation sponsorships in 2018, including the Super Constellation
  • Faced with a CHF 20 million repair bill and additional FOCA mandated flight restrictions, the SCFA Board of Directors decided in late April 2019 to disband the organization
  • In an email was send to members April 28, 2019 informing them of this decision
  • Aircraft sold to German investment group July 1, 2019 with the goal of restoring airworthiness of aircraft
  • Meirer Motors is spearheading the project and aircraft being disassembled in August/September 2019
  • Moved by road to Eschbach-Bremgarten in southwestern Germany on November 27, 2019
  • Advertised for sale April 2023

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