Lockheed Constellation Survivors

BuN 141311 c/n 4435

In service with the Pacific Missile Range in February 1974 (Harry Tyrpak) Stored at Davis Monthan AFB in May 1981 with many of her sisters (Richard Vandervord) Still in Pacific Missile Test Center markings at Chanute AFB on August 4, 1989 (Jim Newton)
Looking good at the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum in August 2002 (Dr. Gerald Durbin) The aircraft was still well maintained and looking good three years later (RM Pettersen) Ten years later the paint had faded badly in this September 2015 photo (Mike Hatcher)
This Willy Victor was lucky to find a new home at the Yankee Air Museum and is seen being disassembled prior to shipment (Kevin Walsh) The Worldwide Aircraft Recovery crew unloads the aircraft shortly after arrival at the Yankee Air Museum on July 13, 2017 (Gary DeLisle) Reassembled at its new home at the Yankee Air Museum, the aircraft is in good condition but is in need of some TLC (Gary Delisle)
  • Current markings - BuN 141311
  • Delivered to USN August 1956 as WV-2 BuN 141311
  • To Pacific Missile Range Point Mugu August 1961
  • Redesignated EC-121K November 1962
  • Retired and flown to Davis Monthan AFB for storage May 1979
  • Ferried DMAFB to Chanute AFB, Rantoul, IL June 4, 1983 for display
  • Arrived with the #2 engine shut down and prop feathered
  • Aircraft parked and allowed to deteriorate
  • Aborted attempt to sell aircraft to an Australian group in 1992
  • Chanute AFB closed in 1993
  • Became part of the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum in 1994 on loan from the USAF Museum
  • Between 2000 and 2005 volunteers spent 11,500+ man-hours restoring the aircraft
  • Currently displayed in US Navy overall “midnight blue” color scheme
  • Chanute Aerospace Museum closed in December 2015 and Yankee Air Museum acquired aircraft March 2016
  • Dissaembled June/July 2017 and transported to Yankee Air Museum
  • Arrived Yankee Air Museum in mid-July 2017 and reassembled
  • Museum raising funds in early 2019 for cosmetic restoration

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