Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N105CF c/n 4137

Originally delivered to USN in September 1953, served with Wyoming ANG from October 1963 to May 1972 as "City of Wyoming" (USAF Photo) Photographed at Berlin's Tempelhof Airport in July 1970 after what was probably a long trans-Atlantic flight (Peter Seemann) Retired by the USAF in May 1978, the aircraft spent 12 years in storage before being sold to Aerochago in 1990 (Gerald Helmer)
L1049B HI-583CT June 5, 1990 L1049B N105CF September 29, 2002 L1049B HI-583CT September 1, 2008
On final approach for Miami International Airport on June 5, 1990 before the ban on Dominican operators in 1993 (Aad van der Voet) Stored in Santo Domingo in April 1994, shortly after cessation of operations by Dominican cargo airline Aerochago (Andy Martin) Acquired in September 2000 and ferried from Santo Domingo to Avra Valley, AZ, where it arrived on January 7, 2001 (RM Pettersen)
L1049B N105CF September 29, 2002 L1049B HI-583CT September 1, 2008
Unable to obtain a std airworthiness certificate from the FAA, SCFA suspended restoration of N105CF in September 2002 (RM Pettersen) Stripped of most useful spares in this September 2008 photo, the future of this aircraft was very much in doubt (RM Pettersen) Disassembly for shipment to Dynamic Avation headquarters in Bridgewater, Virginia began in March 2016 (Björn Kannengiesser)
Loaded on lowboy trailer at Avra Valley in March 2016 awaiting overland journey to Virginia (Boneyard Safari Photo) The fuselage was too long to be transported by road from Arizona to Virginia and had to be cut
(RM Pettersen)
A wing section sits in front of a Dynamic parts warehouse where useful components are removed for cleaning and inspection (RM Pettersen)
  • Current registration - N105CF
  • Delivered to US Navy September 1953 as R7V-1 BuN 131636
  • To USAF C-121G 54-4062 June 1958
  • To Wyoming ANG "City of Jackson Hole" October 1963
  • To USAF Reserves Homestead AFB May 1972
  • To 552 AEW Wg McClellan AFB February 1973
  • Back to Homestead AFB March 1976
  • Retired and flown to Davis Monthan AFB May 1978 for storage
  • Reportedly to Ralph Payne in 1987 but not registered
  • To DMI Aviation November 1989 as N2114Z
  • To Aerochago January 1990 as HI-583CT
  • Stored at Santo Domingo, DR March 1993 after FAA banned Dominican cargo carriers from operating in the US
  • Flew 1997 when Frank Lang provided training to a Dominican pilot
  • To Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA) September 2000 and registered N105CF October 2000
  • Restored for a ferry flight Santo Domingo to Opa Locka, FL on November 7, 2000
  • Ferried Opa Locka to Conroe, TX January 4, 2001 where aircraft was forced to land for engine and hydraulic system repairs
  • Ferried Conroe to Avra Valley, AZ January 7, 2001
  • Restoration well underway August 2002 when the SCFA suspended efforts due to their inability to obtain a standard airworthiness certificate from the FAA
  • Stored at Avra Valley Airport
  • Remaining engines shipped to Switzerland early 2006
  • For sale in 2007
  • Appears to be stripped of useful spares. Radome, cowlings, prop and miscellaneous parts gone by October 16, 2007
  • Sold to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) early 2010
  • HARS planned on moving the aircraft to Australia, where it would be restored for static display
  • Acquired by Dynamic Aviation October 2015
  • Disassembly began in March 2016
  • Fuselage cut in two and wings/empennage removed
  • Transported to Bridgewater, VA where parts are being harvested

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