Lockheed Constellation Survivors

HI-548CT c/n 4202

C-121C 54-183 photographed at Harrisburg, PA on June 7, 1969 with no markings while in service with the Pennsylvania ANG (Photo by Stephen Miller) Nice shot of this veteran landing at Miami International Airport after another cargo run to the Caribbean (Aad van der Voet) Waiting to be scrapped at Santo Domingo after being damaged by Hurricane George in September 1998 (Francisco Agullo)
By June 2006, Christian Müller had built a cockpit frame for the simulator and attached skin salvaged from the aircraft (Christian Müller) Two years later in July 2008 cockpit interior and exterior were complete (Christian Müller) The cockpit looks like the real deal in this July 2008 photo (Christian Müller)
  • Final registration - HI-548CT
  • Delivered to USAF MATS Atlantic Division, Charleston AFB, SC, May 1956 as C-121C 54-183
  • To Pennsylvania ANG February 1963
  • Retired and flown to Davis Monthan AFB for storage September 1977
  • For sale at auction November 1983, August 1984, February 1985 and August 1985
  • To Hangar 10 Inc October 1985 as N515AC
  • In service by October 1986 but stored McAllen, TX March 1988
  • To Aerochago and delivered Santo Domingo September 1988 as HI-548. Re-registered HI-548CT by February 1989
  • Stored at Santo Domingo, DR by December 1991
  • Severely damaged on September 22, 1998 when struck by C-46 HI-503CT during Hurricane George
  • Scrapped at Santo Domingo in 1999
  • Many parts, including the cockpit section, were salvaged by the Super Constellation Flyers Association for use on their project
  • A simulator is being fabricated using the aircraft’s cockpit section, controls and instruments. The work started in early 2006 and is being performed in a vacated industrial building in the Swiss town of Schlieren by SCFA member Christian Müller.
  • Simulator completed in 2009
  • Simulator moved to the "Runway 34 Restaurant and Bar" near Zurich Airport where it became operational in 2015
  • At restaurant August 2019

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