Lockheed Constellation Survivors

BuN 141309 c/n 4433

L1049A 141309 June 1969 L1049A 141309 December 1982 L1049A 141309 April 26, 2004
Photographed in old style Navy markings in June 1969 (Nick Williams via Stephen Miller) Being prepared at Davis Monthan AFB for the ferry flight to McClellan AFB (Bob Shane via Stephen Miller) At the McClellan Aviation Museum on April 26, 2004 wearing USAF markings 03-0552 (Michael Blank)
  • Current markings - 03-0552
  • Delivered to USN August 1956 as WV-2 BuN 141309
  • To Naval Missile Range Point Mugu August 1961
  • Redesignated EC-121K October 1962
  • Retired and flown to Davis Monthan AFB for storage March 1978
  • Ferried DMAFB to McClellan AFB, CA April 8, 1983 for display at the McClellan Aviation Museum
  • Interior restored as USAF AEW EC-121 for September 1990 reunion of 552 AEW Wg veterans
  • On display in USAF color scheme with 03-0552 markings in honor of the 552nd Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing headquartered at McClellan AFB from 1953 to 1977
  • Museum changed name to Aerospace Museum of California in November 2005
  • Currently on display at the museum

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