Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N6931C c/n 4813

L1049H N6931C September 1967 L1049H N6931C 1980 L1049H N6931C 1980
Seen at Oakland, CA in September 1967 while in service with Airlift International
(John P. Stewart)
Being scrapped at Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe in 1980 after an emergency landing in 1975
(Gerard Mougenot)
A battered nose section at the Musee de l'Air in the early 1980's (Olivier Richard)
  • Final registration - N6931C
  • Delivered to California Eastern April 1957 as L1049H N6931C
  • Leased to Hughes Tool Company/TWA December 18, 1957 to January 18, 1961
  • Returned to California Eastern (renamed Dynaelectron Corporation) and leased to World Airways January 19, 1961
  • Leased to Slick Airways September 1963 to late 1965
  • Slick ceased operations and aircraft leased to Airlift International July 1, 1966 to December 1967
  • Returned to Dynaelectron and stored at Cheyenne, WY until at least May 1968
  • To Charlotte Aircraft Corporation July 12, 1968
  • To Jack Richards Aircraft Company March 14, 1969
  • Leased to Skyways Inc and in service May 1969 at Heathrow Airport
  • To Dynaelectron Corporation July 20, 1971
  • Stored Vero Beach, FL for sale 1971-1972
  • To Ronald K. Saulan March 29, 1972 and stored at Miami, FL by May 1972
  • Stored at Ft Lauderdale by October 1973
  • Leased to Sky Truck International April 20, 1974, named "Fort Lauderdale" and put into service
  • Leased to Laura Sales and Leasing Inc December 1, 1974, who reportedly took over Sky Truck International in 1975
  • Made a successful emergency landing at Point--Pitre, Guadeloupe September 3, 1975 with only the #4 engine running
  • Repairs began but later abandoned and aircraft scrapped at Pointe-a-Pitre 1980
  • Nose section to Musee de l'Air in early 1980's
  • Nose section reportedly under restoration in late 1985 at the Musee de lAir at LeBourget, France
  • Museum representative stated that nose section was not at museum in 2003
  • Recent report suggests that the pilot and flight engineer panels have been reassembled by a private collector in France

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