Lockheed Constellation Survivors F-BHBG-20Aug14_7638_800x534.jpg

F-BHBG c/n 4626

L1049G F-BHBG March 1960 L1049G F-BHBG August 2005
Loading passengers at Tokyo Intl Airport in March 1960 while in service with Air France
(Mel Lawrence)
Retired by Air France in April 1963, F-BHBG was moved to Quimper France in 1976
The grand old lady still retains some of her former grace in this June 13, 2022 photo
(Han de Ridder)
  • Final registration - F-BHBG
  • Delivered to Air France October 1955 as L1049G F-BHBG
  • Stored at Paris-Orly 1961
  • Re-entered service and stored again December 14, 1962
  • Retired April 18, 1963 and stored at Toulouse, France
  • To Aviasol February 1967 (or 1968)
  • Disassembled and moved to La Roche-Bernard, Morbihan, France as a tourist attraction
  • Moved to Vannes, France by December 1973
  • Moved to Quimper, France by August 1976 and parked adjacent to the "Le Moulin Discothèque”
  • Erroneously reported as destroyed by fire in early 2001
  • Only the center fin intact 2003 with the outer fins gone due to severe corrosion
  • Aircraft still at Quimper in June 2022 in deteriorating condition

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