Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N11SR c/n 4581

L1049G VH-EAB November 1958 Honolulu, HI L1049H N11SR May 2, 1982  Kuwait Intl Airport L1049H N11SR February 2006 Ahmad Al Jaber Airbase, Kuwait
Classic airport photo from November 1958 at Honolulu Intl Airport, Hawaii (Mel Lawrence) The sad remains of this once proud aircraft at Kuwait International Airport in May 1982 (Stephen Piercey) Not much left of N11SR in this February 2006 photo at Ahmad Al Jaber Airbase, Kuwait
(Mark Pinneo)
  • Final registration - N11SR
  • Delivered to Qantas Empire Airways March 1955 as L1049E VH-EAB "Southern Horizon"
  • Fitted with weather radar July 1957
  • Modified to L1049G and fitted with tip tanks January 1958
  • Converted to L1049H freighter June-August 1960 by Lockheed Air Service, Ontario, CA
  • To Boeing March 1963 and then Airmotive Inc as N9715C
  • To California Airmotive July 1964 as N93164
  • To West Coast Airmotive Corporation August 1964
  • Leased to Galaxy Trading Corporation April 1966 and named "San Patricio"
  • To California Airmotive as N4192A September 1966
  • To Lee J. Matherne.
  • Noted at Lisbon, Portugal March 1968 with false registration ZP-TBV and Transcontinental Airlines SA titles. It was intended for use on the Biafran Airlift
  • Stored Miami June 1968 in Transcontinental titles less registration.
  • Registered N442LM June 1968 with Wings Inc. titles
  • Leased to Bolivian Airways TABSA 1969
  • For sale at Opa Locka, FL September 1969
  • To Lance Dreyer December 1969
  • Registered N11SR September 1970
  • Stored Port of Spain, Trinidad from early 1970's to at least February 1973
  • To Transglobal leasing October 1973 and ferried to Fort Lauderdale
  • To PM Leasing October 1974, named "Janet" and operated freight flights from Miami to South America
  • Leased to Lanzair (Channel Islands) Ltd. March 1975
  • Impounded at Kuwait City International Airport June 1976
  • An Australian group, headed by Ron Cuskelly, was interested in restoring the aircraft as the last remaining Qantas Super Constellation. An inspection was made in June 1981 and the aircraft was found to be "well beyond any possibility of being flown again"
  • Inspected by Stephen Piercey May 2, 1982
  • Sold to the Kuwait Ministry of Defense ~1982, dismantled and moved to Ahmad Al Jaber Airbase, Kuwait for fire and rescue training
  • Damaged during the 1991 Gulf War
  • Derelict at the end of the runway at Ahmad Al Jaber Airbase. Engines complete, tail section 3/4 complete and sections of the fuselage complete
  • Noted at the airbase in November 2020 in essentially the same condition
  • Note: Many thanks to Ron Cuskelly for the detailed history of this aircraft

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