Lockheed Constellation Survivors

AP-AFQ c/n 4520

PIA's first Super Connie in service at Heathrow Airport in April 1955 (R.A. Scholefield)
  • Final registration - AP-AFQ
  • Delivered to Pakistani Government February 1, 1954 as AP-AFQ for use by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
  • First Constellation operated by PIA
  • Probably updated to L1049E
  • Transferred to PIA ownership 1958
  • Damaged in accident June 29, 1959 and repaired
  • Withdrawn from service in 1964 and cannibalized for spares at Karachi International Airport
  • Fuselage section salvaged for use as cabin crew trainer
  • Located at the PIA-KLM Midway House Hotel and used as a crew trainer until the early 1980's
  • Painted brown sand camouflage colors during the Indo-Pakistan War December 1971
  • Noted at the PIA-KLM Hotel Midway House November 1973
  • Check out 1969 and early 1980ís photos of fuselage on historyofpia.com website
  • Noted at the PIA Training Center January 2014

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