Lockheed Constellation Survivors

BuN 131644 c/n 4145

L1049B BuN 131644 Unknown Date L1049B BuN 131644 August 4, 2006 L1049B BuN 131644 December 1, 2006
In service as "Pegasus" with VX-6, which supported Antarctic operations (Chris Mak) Remains of aircraft still at McMurdo in this August 4, 2006 photograph (via John Weaver) "Pegasus" is still clearly visible on the nose 36 years after crash landing (Cameron Balog)
  • Final registration - BuN 131644
  • Delivered to US Navy December 1953 as R7V-1 BuN 131644
  • Redesignated C-121J November 1962
  • To VX-6 Quonset Point September 1964 as "Pegasus"
  • Used annually in support of "Operation Deep Freeze"
  • Damaged at Williams Field, McMurdo Station, Antarctica on October 8, 1970 while attempting to land in zero visibility with winds gusting to over 40 mph
  • Wreckage not salvaged and partially covered with snow
  • Photos at McMurdo Station from the Warbird Information Exchange website

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