Lockheed Constellation Survivors

HI-393 c/n 2603

VC-121A  48-611 Scott AFB  September 15, 1966 L749A HI-393 March 3, 2003 L749A HI-393 June 11, 2007
Andrews AFB based VC-121A 48-611 visiting Scott AFB on September 15, 1966 (Stephen Miller) Derelict with the end appearing near at Santo Domingo on March 2, 2003 (Javier F. Bobadillar) An amazing photo! HI-393 back on all three landing gear on June 11, 2007 (Mike Mumford)
  • Final registration - HI-393
  • Delivered to USAF December 1948 as C-121A 48-611
  • Flew the Westover AFB-Rhein-Main route in support of the Berlin Airlift
  • Converted to a VC-121A in ~1950 and flew VIP missions for the remainder of its USAF career
  • Retired by USAF and flown to Davis Monthan AFB for storage April 1968
  • Sold to Kolar, Inc at DoD auction on June 17, 1971
  • To Aero Tech, Inc on September 23, 1971
  • To Aviation Specialties, Inc on September 26, 1972 for conversion as an agricultural sprayer
  • Registered N611AS on March 26, 1973
  • Stored at Mesa, AZ from late 1976.
  • To Globe Air Inc April 1981
  • To Argo SA November 1981 as HI-393
  • Argo SA ceased operations February 1983 and aircraft stored at Santo Domingo, DR
  • Restored during 1987 but never re-entered service
  • Stored in good condition at Santo Domingo in February 1991
  • All engines and propellers sold to Vern Raburn in October 1994 for repair of the MATS Connie, N494TW
  • Derelict at Santo Domingo March 2004...airport authorities plan to scrap this and other derelict aircraft stored at the airport
  • Aircraft still at Santo Domingo in December 2006 in derelict condition
  • Aircraft back on the tarmac on all three landing gear April 2007
  • Reported plans underway to restore aircraft but this never happened
  • Aircraft noted back in the boneyard on its tail April 5, 2016
  • Google Earth image showed aircraft in boneyard on September 14, 2021
  • Missing from June 2023 Google Earth image and presumed scrapped in 2022/23 timeframe

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